We at MediaBR Technologies have a team of Security Camera Technicians capable of analyse, plan, and install the right surveillance system based on your needs whether it is for your business or home. 

We strive to provide our clients with the best experience when it comes to protect your loved ones and your business. Hence this has rated us as a Google 5 Star Company. 

So if you are looking for a Security Cameras professional and reliable company for your business or home, we are the right guys for the job.


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  • I have used MediaBR to install security camera systems in 3 of my buildings. Jay helped us from the beginning to the end and more.One of our buildings is from 1910 two story office building. MediaBR installed cameras, inside and outside and the basement in a way that we cannot see any wires. They kept the historic building's original charm while adding 21st century technology to it.MediaBR is a fresh breath of air in today's sell first and find someone to do the job later environment. With MediaBR the person you call about your project is the person who comes to do the job. I cannot stress enough the importance of this. I would strongly recommend MediaBR for all your surveillance needs. You will be glad you have hired them.

    thumb Sukru Boztepe
  • Great service from MediaBR!! Julian was able to correct a problem for me on an existing security system and it was not easy. Not only was he amazing at his job, but also kind and so patient!! Will be calling him soon to upgrade our system!

    thumb Corinne Troisi
  • If you are looking for professional, affordable and attention to detail. MediaBR is the one. Highly recommended!

    thumb Abbott Products Inc
  • Very professional and dependable team. Supper affordable prices for a top notch service.

    thumb Olena Wilson
  • They did a great job installing the ethernet for my new office at Middlesex Green in Concord MA. The work was completed timely and professionally. The price is also very affordable.

    thumb ScandalR
  • I met a Juliano while I was working for a property management company about 4 years ago. He was renting an office in one of our buildings. He told me he did cameras and security things. I really didn’t understand the extent of his business. As years went on, I would see him coming into the office paying rent, I’d be at the office building and see him in his work truck. Just getting to know him and seeing him frequently was such a pleasure. Always smiling, genuinely caring, and always engaging in meaningful conversations. As time went on, I was having criminal activity happening on the properties. I needed cameras set up and thought to myself, I knew exactly who I was going to ask. We asked Juliano to install cameras in one of the properties. He was so professional, and so good at communicating what had to be done. He gave us times that he would meet us and he was always there (with a smile). After seeing how amazing the security cameras were put in, we had him do all the buildings. It was then that I realized how crucial his work is and what it takes to make people feel safe. His work is so impressive and so professional. And I enjoyed his company so much going to the building and planning where we wanted security cams. He did everything that we wanted and went above and beyond to make things happen. I said to him one day, I wish I could have this at my house, because I’ve never seen security like this before. It was amazing to me, to see everything on my phone and to have access to everything when I needed it. This was months before the pandemic, that I had said that to him. He looked at me with the biggest smile and said I promise to do your cameras. Call me when you are ready. I had said that as a wish and not really intending to get cameras. Because they were so costly. As time passed, the pandemic hit in March. I lost my job. And a few weeks ago in at the beginning of Aug, an intruder attempted to break in my house. I called juliano and asked him if he would put in my cameras. He said, I promised you that I would, and I keep my promises. The next day he was at my house taking measurements and going over prices that were affordable. He ordered the cameras and said he would do the whole set up for me for free. I couldn’t believe it. He said the cams will be here by Monday & on Tuesday he would install them. And that’s EXACTLY what he did. His loyalty and friendship is indescribable. He did such a wonderful job and everything is so professionally done. I feel so safe now. I can’t thank him enough. I am so glad to have met him and so blessed to call him my friend. There really isn’t people left Anymore in this world like juliano. I would recommend him to everyone. If I had to describe him in one word only. I would 100% say he is as GENUINE as they come. So grateful to Juliano.

    thumb deanna brogna
  • Jay is really professional!! The work was done really well and really fast!! I recommend Juliano to everybody who’s looking for security!

    thumb ed sousa
  • Have used several times for software upgrades and configurations on different systems in my home. Very happy now and highly recommend to anybody needing the same services. Thank-You!

    thumb Paul Delano
  • MediaBr is the best company in Boston area. They made our website very fast and high quality. Their prices are the best on the market.

    thumb Master Plastering Inc.
  • Great Service and Juliano showed on time and solved the issues. Very Professional

    thumb Attorney Feener

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