Basic Setup of a Dahua/Sapphire NVR

In this video we are going to show you the basics of how to setup your Dahua NVR

Hardware used in this video

Sapphire Model LTN6416

Dahua Software Version: V4.0

Sapphire LTN6416 NVR 01

1 – Turn on your recorder and wait until the setup screen appears. Be patient, this process may take a few minutes. Do NOT turn off or restart the recorder.

Setup a Dahua Software NVR - Initializing the recorder


2 – Select the options related to your region, language, time zone, etc. Then click on next…

Setup a Dahua Software NVR - Set region, language, time zone


3 – Create a password for the administrator account. We recommend creating a strong password with a mix of Capital letters, symbols, and numbers. 

Setup a Dahua Software NVR Image - create a password



4 – Draw a pattern to unlock administrative features. You must draw the pattern twice to assure that you got it right.

Setup a Dahua Software NVR Image - Unlock Pattern


5 – Enter your email for password reset, then enter the answer for the available security questions.

Setup a Dahua Software NVR Image - Reserved Email and Security Questions


6 – Enter your network information. If you do not know how to configure IP settings, we recommend you enabling the DHCP option.

Setup a Dahua Software NVR Image - Network Information


7 – For remote access to your cameras using your mobile device, enable the P2P option. Click here to watch our video showing how to install the mobile app to access your cameras.

Setup a Dahua Software NVR Image - P2P


8 – At this point the recorder will start adding all cameras that are connected to it. The amount of cameras listed here should match the total amount of cameras connected to the recorder. In this tutorial we only have one camera connected to the NVR.

Setup a Dahua Software NVR Image - Adding cameras to the NVR


9 – After all cameras are added, you will receive a “Thank you for purchasing our product” message. Simply click on OK. Then all cameras should show up on the screen. To see a camera in full screen mode, double click on it. To return the multiple view mode, double click anywhere on the screen. That’s all folks! Enjoy your new Dahua NVR

Setup a Dahua Software NVR Image - list of live cameras



To learn more about Dahua products and tips, visit the Dahua Technology YouTube Channel.