Changing Date & Time on a LOREX NVR/DVR

Changing date & time on a Lorex Recorder (NVR/DVR) is quite simple. Let's learn how to do it.

1 – Right click anywhere on the recorder screen and select Main Menu. Then enter your username and password;

2 – Click on the Tools Menu, then select SETTING;

3 – On the General Option on Left list, select Date & Time tab. Then change the Date, Time, and Time Zone as needed. 


4 – If your Lorex Recorder is connected to the internet, you can simply check the NTP option to synchronize the recorder’s clock with the internet clock.

5 – After you’re done, click on the OK button. Now the clock should be working correctly.


To learn more about Lorex products and tips, visit Lorex YouTube channel clicking here.

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