Creating New User on LOREX Recorders

Learn how to add new user to a LOREX recorder and grant this user access to only access a specifica camera. This proccess applies to most LOREX recorders.

1 – Right click anywhere on the main screen, then select Main Menu, then enter your admin password;

2 – Click on the Tools Icon and select SETTING;

3 – Select ACCOUNT from the GENERAL list, then click on the Add User button;

4 – Enter your new user information (User, Password, Memo), then select what the new user is granted to do. In this case, user1 is member of Group user and can only access Camera 1 on live view mode with no access to Playback; 

5 – Click on the OK button to add the new user. user1 now should show up on the users list;

6 – Let’s now login as user and see what it is granted access for. Right click anywhere on the main screen, select the SHUTDOWN icon, select SHUTDOWN, then select Logout;

7 – Right click anywhere on the screen and select Main Menu. On the SYSTEM LOGIN windows, if you click on the down arrow on the right of Username, you should now see user1 on the list of users. Select user1 and enter it’s password;

8 – Note that user1 can only see Camera1, and cannot playback videos;

9 – To log as admin again, simply repeat the step 7 selecting admin as user;

As you can see, it is quite simple to manage users with LOREX recorders. You can also create group of users and set permissions to a group instead of an individual user. Then you can add users to a group based on each user access permission. To create or manage a group, use the Group instead of User tab.

Feel free to comment or ask questions. We are here to help you. 

To learn more about LOREX products and tips, click here to visit LOREX YouTube channel.

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